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What is with the look on his face he’s like “Somewhere in the world, somebody is misquoting Shakespeare. I can sense it.”

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Done. Done, done, done, SO DONE WITH THIS MAN. *flings self out of chair*

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And the Oscar for best supporting actor goes to…
Tom Hiddleston’s right eyebrow!

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Tom Hiddleston and his epic facial expressions xD

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So, I was watching The Avengers for the seventh or eighth time tonight, and I couldn’t help but notice the repetition of the condemnation of sentimentality throughout the entire film. The council members openly express their disdain, Bruce Banner holds little faith in it, and Loki practically despises it.

I believe this is a rather clever bit of writing on Joss Whedon’s part. No one believes that sentimentality has any place within their lives and yet that emotion is part of what makes one human. Without sentimentality, the Avengers would have lost the war. Was it not the deep emotions they felt after Coulson’s death that inspired them to pull together? Was it not the affection that the Hulk felt for Tony Stark that saved him from hurtling toward the Earth? Was it not Nick Fury’s unyielding faith in his team that kept his trust in them for so long? Everyone in this film deals with sentiment at one point or another during the film. No one trusts it and it is generally considered a weakness. And yet it is integral to their victory.

So, yeah, go Joss Whedon for making me even notice that.

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